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" entertaining and suspenseful read." 

                                                - Kirkus Reviews 



Readers' Favorite  5 Stars Award!

Elle Martin has it all.

Handsome and successful husband. Check.

Daughter and son in an exclusive private high school. Check

Privilege, status and wealth. Check, check, check.

But there is more to Elle's story.

Already struggling to keep up appearances in a social set full of pretension and ultra-competitiveness, Elle is thrown into a tailspin when a surprise announcement by her husband threatens to expose the truth behind her carefully constructed facade of perfection.

  What will happen when long-buried secrets are unearthed and haunting new revelations are discovered? Will Elle finally be able to find her happy ending?

 Toggling between the early nineties and the present day, Grannie Panties Are Under Rated captures the Gen X experience from latchkey kid to helicopter parent with keen insight and precision. A page-turner full of surprising twists, it is a must read for anyone who has struggled to reconcile the chasm between the person they long to be.

For maximum enjoyment, be sure to listen to the Grannie Panties playlist on Spotify!

Heading 6

What the Critics Are Saying

"Certain to entertain even the pickiest of readers!"  Readers' Favorite

". . .recalls, by turns, the youthful foolishness of Bright Lights, Big City and the artificially stoic decay of The Great Gatsby. Grannie Panties Are Underrated is chockfull of unexpected juxtapositions and surprising twists." - BlueInk Review

"The raw honesty of the characters is refreshing. This novel about how the past shapes the future will entertain and engage readers." - BookLife Crtics Report

"I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! GRANNIE PANTIES ARE UNDERRATED is a highly entertaining and thought provoking book! I found myself reading it obsessively until the final word, and then wanting more." Karen B Amazon Review 

"Loved this book and could not put it down! It is visually rich and culturally expansive, taking you to Tokyo's nightlife and back to suburban, USA. You will fall in love with each of these honest, imperfect characters and identify with their struggles, demons, and challenges." - Marnie W Amazon Review

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